Stuart Silk

Founding Partner

Craft, art, imagination, and functionality merge into one, in the making of lasting architecture. The process requires patience, a great team, and an extraordinary client who is as engaged and as committed as we are.
~ Stuart Silk

Stuart Silk, a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, founded Stuart Silk Architects in 1981. Under Stuart’s direction, the firm has received local, regional, and national recognition for its innovative and high-quality residential designs.

Amanda Cavassa


Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Amanda has a passion for residential architecture and brings creativity and a keen eye for detail to all of her work.

David Marchetti


When you build a thing you cannot merely build that thing in isolation, but must also repair the world around it, and within it, so that the larger world at that one place becomes more coherent, and more whole; and the thing which you make takes its place in the web of nature, as you make it.
~ Christopher Alexander

David has a well-balanced understanding of the technical, environmental, and cultural aspects of residential architecture.

Lisa Behringer

Lead Interior Designer

Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.
~ Vincent van Gogh

Lisa creates enduring interiors. Her creative ideas are grounded by questions about both people and place.

Jamie Blackard

Project Manager

We do not create the work. I believe we, in fact, are discoverers.
~ Glenn Murcutt

Jamie is a Project Manager at Silk Cavassa Marchetti with previous experience in firms around the greater Seattle area designing buildings in higher education, science and technology, civic, and residential realms.

Erik Bredberg


Architects have to dream. We have to search for our Atlantises, to be explorers, adventurers, and yet to build responsibly and well.
~ Renzo Piano

Working for a number of firms in the greater Seattle area, Erik has developed his experience in commercial, ecclesiastical, mixed-use, and custom residential work.

Curtis Carlson


Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
~ Muhammad Ali

Curtis facilitates the service and retail billings for our clients, manages the payroll and benefits for our employees and maintains records and accounts with day-to-day bookkeeping tasks.

Katie Carrasco

Office Administrator

Start by doing what is necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
~ St. Francis of Assisi

Katie is the Office Administrator at Stuart Silk Architects, with over 10 years of managerial and administrative experience.

Benjamin Emery

Staff Designer

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
~ Samuel Beckett

Benjamin has experience developing master plans, U.S. embassies, civic and commercial buildings but has recently recognized his love for residential and found a home at Stuart Silk Architecture.

Milica Golic

Project Manager

Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take.
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Milica joined Stuart Silk Architects in the spring of 2019 as a Staff Designer with international experience in residential and non-residential projects. She established her foundation as a student of architecture when she worked with a world-renowned Italy-based architect.

Ivona Hagerty

Interior Designer

Creating never happens in those big gestures that the final product suggests in the end.
~ Christoph Niemann

Ivona is assisting the Interior Design group at Stuart Silk Architects as an Intern.

Kristin Hensley

Interior Designer

Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form.
~ Alvar Aalto

Kristin’s passion for Interior Design started at a young age and was inspired by her love of art, which grew into a meaningful career path.

Eric Henyey

Project Architect

In the end, when the building becomes part of living, it evokes unmeasurable qualities, and the spirit of its existence takes over.
~ Louis Kahn

Eric works on a range of traditional and contemporary projects, including both new construction and renovations.

Iris Rilling

Staff Designer

There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?
~Zaha Hadid

Iris Rilling is a Staff Designer with Stuart Silk Architects. Her background includes work in residential, commercial, transportation, and mixed-use buildings.

Hilary Rose

Project Manager

Architecture is basically a container of something. I hope they will enjoy not so much the teacup, but the tea.
~ Yoshio Taniguchi

For over 15 years, Hilary has worked on custom residences in the Greater Seattle Area. Her work includes a wide range of design styles including Modern, Mediterranean, Northwest Contemporary, and Rustic Mountain Homes.

Natalie Schultz

Interior Designer

The purpose of architecture is to shelter and enhance man’s life on earth and to fulfill his belief in the nobility of his existence.
~ Eero Saarinen

Natalie embraces the notion that design and space reflect the clients’ needs in an elegant manner. Her mission is to create meaningful spaces that please the client and stand the test of time.

Gabriel Vargas

Project Manager

He who seeks truth, shall find beauty. He who seeks beauty, shall find vanity. He who seeks order, shall find gratification. He who seeks gratification, shall find disappointment. He who considers himself a servant of his fellow beings, shall find joy of self-expression. He who seeks self-expression, shall fall to the pit of arrogance. Arrogance is incompatible with nature. Through nature, the nature of the universe and the nature of man, we shall seek truth. If we seek truth, we shall find beauty.
~ Moshe Dafdie

Gabriel’s passion has always been excellence in creative design while being conscious of any impacts to the environment.

Sean Wilson

Project Manager

Architecture is bound to situation. And I feel like the site is a metaphysical link, a poetic link, to what a building can be.
~ Steven Holl

Sean’s architectural experience has included single family residences, multi-family communities, commercial tenant improvement, and public parks projects located in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.