Yarrow Point Residence

About This Project

Yarrow Point Residence

Located on the shores of Lake Washington, this home had been remodeled and added onto numerous times since it was built in 1940.  While each project added value, there was a lack of coherent design for the house as a whole.  Stuart Silk Architects was brought in to achieve the client’s goals of symmetry, harmony and simplicity.  We were also tasked with improving curb appeal and creating a more open floor plan for modern living.

Approach to the house was uninviting, offering a view of a blank wall and roof.  A gable addition provides a more pleasing welcome and creates a symmetrical front façade on the auto court. An existing breezeway between the garage and house was enclosed as a mudroom and pantry for additional storage.  As part of this work, two existing entry doors were removed to clarify primary and secondary entrances to the home.

Inside the house, previous remodels and additions had resulted in convoluted structural framing in need of resolution.  Balancing the budget of these structural interventions with the project goals required careful coordination and creativity on the part of the design team.  For example, and existing main stair was slightly off center in its room.  Moving the stair would have been too expensive so it was widened to maintain the existing load paths while achieving symmetry in the space. This stair is now the focal point of the home, with the new kitchen, family and dining rooms situated around it.  The new kitchen embraces these adjacent spaces while emphasizing the lake view and connection to the refinished deck.

When it came to finishes, Stuart Silk Architects Interiors replaced the existing carved, dark wood trim with painted white trim more appropriate to the shingle style of the home.  Repainting the existing and remodeled rooms a warm white color gave a fresh feel and brightened the interiors dramatically. Pewter accents, wallpaper and pops of color added additional sparkle, texture and visual interest throughout.

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