Broadmoor Golf Club

Seattle, WA

About This Project

About Broadmoor Golf Club

In 2011, Stuart Silk Architects was retained by the Broadmoor Golf Club to prepare a five year masterplan. The objective was to identify the club’s the most pressing architectural concerns and address fixing them. The process entailed meeting with each of the groups, or stakeholders, to create a master list. Once the list was finalized, all the members could vote to determine which projects should take priority.

Five key projects with cost estimates were then approved by the board. A schedule was devised to complete the projects over five years. Number one on the list was the re-modeling of the main dining room and mixed grill which was tackled first. As in any club, finances are tight and a key component to the plan’s success has been to pay for the projects without an assessment to the members.

Project Team

Construction: Simmons Construction
Photography: Rob Perry